We use technology to provide healthcare services rather than clinic visits. 

   Telehealth is convenient and cost-effective.


We listen carefully to your needs

Develop a specific plan for your wellness

Incorporate multiple body systems approach

Help you achieve better health

We offer two platforms.

Available in the state of New Jersey

We evaluate, diagnose, and develop a plan of care to improve your quality of life.  

We offer and treat:

Pain management

Musculoskeletal injuries 

Neurological conditions

Balance dysfunctions

Ergonomic recommendations

Sports specific training

Injury prevention  

We develop a customized program that uses evidence-based techniques to help you attain your goals.

Available throughout the United States

We develop a realistic plan that gives you skills to achieve optimal health. 

We provide:

Nutrition education

Exercise guidance 

Stress management 

Lifestyle modification

Weight management

Disease prevention 

We customize your program and carefully consider risk factors, family history and current health condition to meet your goals. 


We provide a one-stop solution to minimize the need to see multiple healthcare practitioners.

There are no insurances related hassles

or waiting for authorization.

You receive immediate care. We help you achieve your goals quickly. Fewer visits save you time and money.  


We have doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees. We formed Apex Wellness to provide safe, convenient and efficient healthcare and wellness services using a self-pay model.

Janel Jones

Dr. Janel Jones, PT, DPT obtained her doctorate of physical therapy at Temple University in 2007. She received her bachelor of health sciences and masters of physical therapy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 2004. 

Nima Patel

Dr. Nima Patel, PT, DPT has practiced most recently as a licensed physical therapist in New Jersey. 
Nima is a graduate of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia where she received her post-graduate training for her doctorate of physical therapy degree. 

"Amazing! I have been several physical therapists in my life, but I've never had incredible overall experiences like I've consistently had at APEX!"

Catherine Casessa


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