Battle Ropes

Who would have thought that one of the simplest pieces of gear can have such a dramatic impact on your workout routine and benefit you in so many ways? Ropes don’t seem like anything to be excited about, but when used in the gym or during a workout, they can provide amazing results.

Battle ropes offer a full body workout, which means you will be using many different muscles in your body to perform an exercise. How do you use battle ropes though? Well, there are various different ways to use them, especially to target certain muscle groups. The standard method is called the wave, where you hold the ends of the ropes in your hands and tuck your elbows in and then pump your arms up and down, creating “waves”. This is great cardio, strength, and endurance training, and very easy to do. With battle ropes, it is difficult to injure yourself because each individual is limited to the amount of force they can produce. This is different from heavy weights or machines. Overall, these are very simple to use and can be an extremely efficient workout added to your routine.  Try them out and see what they can do!

Dr. Nima Patel

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