Beach and Pool Safety

Summer is just around the corner which means upcoming beach and poolside days. Going to relax at the beach or in a pool can be a very enjoyable summer activity. But it’s all fun and games until someone ends up getting hurt. To prevent this from happening, we have gathered a few summertime tips for you to take into account.

When going to the beach…

-Use sunscreen and drink a lot of water. Sunburn and dehydration are common at the beach and should be prevented as best as possible.

-Stay at least 100 feet away from piers and jetties. These are dangerous due to the currents that can form near them.

-If you want to go in the water, swim with a buddy or have someone watch you from the shore.

When using a pool…

-Never run around a pool. You can slip and injure yourself easily.

-Always have supervision in case of emergencies such as drowning.

-Use proper floatation devices if you need them.

-Never dive headfirst. Diving headfirst can be fatal. If you are jumping in, know the depth of the pool.

Dr. Nima Patel

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