Hiking Injuries

If you’re hiking on an uneven trail that contains rocks, hidden obstacles, or slippery surfaces, a twisted ankle can be hard to avoid. While some twists can be fixed by the “walk it off” approach, others need a little more attention if you intend to finish your hike. To avoid these time-sucking injuries, wearing the appropriate boots with ankle protection is a good place to start. Beyond that, carrying a hiking stick or some kind of stabilizer will help you balance your steps. If you do twist your ankle to the point of needing to take a seat, be sure to elevate the injury, know how to make a proper ankle brace, and take a rest day if you can afford it to let the swelling subside.
Ankle sprains are common injuries that occur when the foot twist or turns beyond its normal range of movement, causing the ligaments of the ankle to overstretch or tear. People who have an increased risk of spraining an ankle include younger athletes, members of the military, and anyone who frequently, runs, jumps, and walks on rough terrain. Physical Therapists help people who have experienced ankle sprains reduce their pain; regain strength, motion, and balance; return to normal activity levels; and avoid re-injury.

Dr. Nima Patel

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