Life After Physical Therapy

So you have completed physical therapy but now what? For many, avoiding re-injury is difficult as the road after physical therapy is unknown. In many cases, re-injury is common and puts the patient back where they started. As physical therapy guides the patient through the lengthy process of strengthening, after physical therapy there are no instructions on how to maintain that strength and avoid getting injured for a second time.

After physical therapy, it is important to continue exercising and working the muscle groups involved in the previous injury. Many believe in the myth that after physical therapy, the need to exercise is no longer necessary. That is false, continuing the plan and gradually building up muscle strength is important as it prevents re-injuries in that specific area. It also does not throw off the body as a sudden stop during exercising makes the body confused and unstable. Motivation is also a big part, as many lose their goals after completing physical therapy. The idea of getting another injury and being put back into physical therapy is motivation enough to continue your weekly schedule of stretching and exercising. What are your thoughts on post-physical therapy? In what ways have you continued strengthening after physical therapy?

Dr. Nima Patel

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