Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is all about remembering and honoring those who serve our country. We celebrate this weekend by having parties and barbecues stocked with plenty of food for the whole day. If you are watching your weight or on a diet, resisting overeating can be a difficult task for sure. There are some things you can do so you don’t eat too much this weekend.

Try to eat before you go to a party or barbecue. This may seem silly at first, but if you eat before you leave, you won’t be hungry as soon as you arrive. This can prevent you from taking in too many calories this weekend.

If you are the host of the party, you can make things that aren’t chocked full of unhealthy foods that can potentially ruin your diet. If you are attending a party, bring a dish you like so you know at least 1 thing there that you know the nutrition of.

Enjoy the drinks in moderation. Calories from drinks add up fast, and many people forget to add them into the diet altogether. Try to have as much water as possible, as it has 0 calories and fills you up faster so you don’t overeat the food available.

It’s not all about the food! Talk to people and family at the party and don’t eat the entire time. Have some fun and make some conversation or go in the pool if there is one.

Plan to eat things outside your diet and compensate for that. It’s okay to cheat alittle on holidays and special occasions and won’t change anything drastically.

Most of all have fun!

Dr. Nima Patel

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