Mental Health... why is it so important?

Mental Health…why is it so important?


Successful mental health results in fulfilling relationships, productive activities, and being able to adapt/cope with challenges.

Recently, there has been a surge of mental health challenges. The pandemic itself has caused additional stress, loss of jobs and changes in family life/daily routine.

Physical activity greatly impacts your mental well being.  Some mental illnesses and disorders such as anxiety or depression can hinder our ability to partake in health-promoting behaviors. 


How can I improve my mental health?


  1. Talk about your feelings, even through difficult times.
  2. Keep active. Activity improves self-esteem, concentration, sleep and it increases your feel good hormones.
  3. Your are what you eat! You brain needs nutrients to function well and stay healthy.
  4. K.I.T. Keep In Touch with your friends/family.  Staying connected keeps communication lines open.
  5. Ask for help. We are not superhuman. It is okay to ask for help when feeling overwhelmed or overworked.
  6. Take a break. Change up the scenery inside or outside the home. Go to a park, take a walk, enjoy nature.
  7. Do something you’re good at; it helps boost self-esteem.
  8. Drink sensibly. Alcohol can be used as a crutch to deal with fear or loneliness. The effect is only temporary. Reach out for help with your emotions.
  9. Accept who you are. You are unique. Own it and be proud of what makes you-you.
  10. Care for others. "Friends help friends" is how the saying goes. Remember that is a two-way street. Support a friend in need and uplift their moral.  

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