Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Updated: 7 days ago

Everyone knows that exercise is beneficial. Why is exercise a must for some people and unfathomable for others?

Let me ask you this...Have you ever been upset with yourself after doing any form of exercise? The answer is likely, NO!

OK, some of you weekend warriors may say "yes, I regretted it. I tore my ACL skiing," or "I played a pick up game of basketball and messed up my hamstring!" Injuries aside, regular exercise is the best prescription for a healthy mind and body. It can literally change the molecules inside your body and ultimately prevents medical issues like heart disease. Finding what you love or what gives you motivation to move is key.

I began running in seventh grade and I guess I can be labeled as a lifelong runner. Am I fast or super competitive? No. But, I absolutely love the way I feel after running. I also love the way I feel after strength training, HIIT class and yoga. Doing these with friends while we all struggle and laugh hysterically is even better. The clarity of the mind, the feeling of toning muscles and the stress relief I find in each of these activities keeps me going.

Prior to finding my own exercise variety, I was that person with a mental block who felt that I needed to run (and occasionally lift) to get the most bang for my buck. Then, my world was turned upside down. My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In an instant, we had and still have 24/7/365 efforts to keep him alive. Stress, exhaustion and anxiety set in. In the midst of this chaos, I took a yoga course to get credits for my professional license. It was the best I slept in months. I knew I had to do something to begin caring for my own health. Am I a traditional yogi? No. But, I do know that yoga positively affects my autonomic nervous system. It lowers my heart rate, reduces stress and helps me to make mindful choices. Was I scared to try? Absolutely! But I stepped out of my comfort zone and it has forever changed my personal and professional life.

Weakness after birthing three, the story is for another day! But at one point, two short years ago, I could not move well, let alone exercise. I couldn't even do a proper bridge (lying on your back and lifting the butt off the ground). I won't deny that I thought I wouldn't run again or get back to strength training. Reluctantly, I MADE myself do something. I had to talk myself through it and start somewhere. Lying on the ground, I began simple pilates exercises; those that I would give to my clients. Within 1 week, I was able to perform that bridge and I was doing modified squats and lunges. In 2 weeks, I was jogging again!

My point is that I had to push myself. I needed the motivation. I also needed something different that was safe effective. I found an app that didn't make me dread strengthening again. Take a walk, listen to music and walk, dance, find an exercise buddy or a new exercise app. Find your get up and go and move beyond your comfort zone! It's time to invest in your health.

Apex can help you get her an injury and provide you with safe exercise options. Use our knowledge to help you!

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