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Pushing "Poorly" Beyond Limits

A child's exercise is typically through play. Play allows a child to
put their joints and muscles through different motions, at different angles and in different planes of movement. Play does not cause overuse injuries.
Overuse injuries are more common than ever in youth athletes. This is due to children as young as age 7 specializing in one sport.
Overuse injuries include:
- Stress fracture (tiny crack in the bone due to repetitive force)
- Tendinitis (inflammation that leads to tendon weakness),
- Bursitis (inflammation of the sac that helps joints, tendons and ligaments move)
- Bone injuries that can affect growth plates
Overuse injuries can often be prevented. Weakness, muscle imbalance and/or restricted joint motions can be the cause. Visit and we can help your child avoid injuries that keep them from playing!

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