Run In The Sun

Now that the heat has arrived, many of us can’t wait to get outside and enjoy it. One activity that is common is running. There are 5k’s and marathons that many people want to train for and participate in, and now is a great time to start! If you are an avid runner, there are some things that you may have forgot, so we have pulled together a few tips to keep in mind to help start you off right. You can try to find running events near your area to put your skills to the test.

-Wear proper running shoes that feel comfortable to you.

-Since the weather is getting nicer, run outdoors! You will enjoy all types of weather and your runs will fly by.

-Warm up with 5-10 minutes of walking throughout your training.

-Try to run or walk 3-4 times a week. You can increase or decrease this depending on what you can do.

-Rest is where the magic happens, so don’t skip rest days.

-Eat a balanced diet that will keep you in peak physical condition

Dr. Nima Patel

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