Shin Splints: What You Need to Know

Shin splints, an athlete’s worst nightmare when it comes to sports. Shin splints, the common term for lower leg pain which occurs below the knee either on the outside or inside part of the leg. Shin splints occur among a variety of athletes ranging from runner to even dancers. Shin splints develop from a change of workout or even adding too much weight and activity in a short amount of time. For runners, it is common when adding too much mileage too quickly or a frequent change of running surface such as going from a flat surface to inclined hills.

Shin splints are easy to prevent as it occurs from adding too much too soon. When developing shin splints, the body is telling the athlete to slow down or to gradually change your routine, adding less stress to the legs. Stretching is also a big part before starting a workout, especially stretching the calves and front of lower legs. Wearing the correct footwear for the sports is important as well, meaning changing up the shoe every 300-500 miles or getting new dance shoes every year as they begin to wear out. Shin splints are easy to overcome as rest is the best remedy. Switching to a less intense workout plan or have recovery dance frequently will help strengthen your muscles and treat your shin splints.

What are your experiences with shin splints? How did you overcome them?

Dr. Nima Patel

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