Summer Surfing

For many people, going to the beach and enjoying the sun are activities that define their summer. And usually where there is a beach, there will be surfing. Surfing is a popular sport for avid beach goers and takes a lot of skill to master. However, surfing is a high intensity sport and can lead to various injuries.

Some of the most common injuries include spine or lower back injuries, due to the arch in your back when you are paddling a surfboard. Make sure that you warm up before going out into the water to avoid painful cramps. Many injuries are directly caused by the board itself because it can hit you with a lot of force and cause damage. In more advanced surfers, ankle injuries can be common due to landing awkwardly while performing aerial maneuvers. The larger the waves, the more risk that a surfer takes when they try to ride it. Due to the size of some waves, surfers are prone to concussions, fractures, and whiplash if they fall. Lacerations from hitting the board, reefs, and rocks are also possible. A good wetsuit can help prevent these lacerations.

Surf’s up!

Dr. Nima Patel

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