Super Bowl LIII Blog

The Super Bowl Is tomorrow and you may be thinking about what kind of snacks and food you are going to have during the big game. One issue people have during celebrations, holidays, and especially gatherings for game day is that they overeat and take a “cheat day”. Hopefully, these tips that I give you will help you while you watch the Patriots and the Rams go head to head tomorrow. Last year, I wrote a similar blog to this one, but this time I have new tips for you to try.


* First off, just because you are going to a Super Bowl party or throwing one, doesn’t mean you have to skip working out today. Make sure you still make time to get in your normal routine because this can offset the number of calories you consume the night of the game.

* Don’t cut your calories and save them all for game time. By this time, you will probably be starving and end up eating a ton of food as soon as the party starts. Make sure you eat your normal meals throughout the day, so you are at least somewhat content by the time kickoff begins.

* One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to make a dish yourself so you know what is in it and you know that it is a healthy option.

* Drink a lot of water. Water is great at suppressing that hungry feeling and staying adequately hydrated will make sure you don’t overeat while the Super Bowl is on. Also, water it is a much better alternative to beer and alcohol because the latter beverages are dehydrating, and much of the food you will be eating will be high in sodium.

* Even if you do end up eating quite a lot, do not let this one night become one week. What I mean by this is get right back on track on Monday and it will be like Super Bowl Sunday never even happened. (This may be a good thing depending on who you were rooting for).

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