Super Bowl Snacks – Healthy Alternatives

Super Bowl LII is almost upon us and people all around the country will be eating their favorite foods in celebration of this unofficial American holiday. Now, eating fatty and high calorie foods is a tradition for most Super Bowl parties, but a change can easily be made by substituting these unhealthy snacks with healthy, and surprisingly tasty, alternatives.

What are some foods that come to mind when you think Super Bowl party? Chicken wings? Chips and dip? Pizza? If you’re looking to take a more nutritional route in your diet during the big game, we have some suggestions you may want to try out if you are hosting a party or need to bring food.

Some basic snacks that can be overlooked are kale chips or raw vegetables with ranch dressing. A good idea would be to start with these if you plan on eating more because this can help prevent you from overeating later on.

You may be focusing on the food for the duration of the game, but you can easily forget about all the calories you could be taking in from soda or beer. A simple fix is of course, water, or if you want something sweet, flavored sparkling water. Liquid calories can add up extremely fast, especially over the course of the long game.

A quick tip that may help suppress your cravings and prevent you from overindulging is to sit away from the table with the food on it. This can make it so that you won’t even see the food or you won’t want to keep getting up to get some of it. As you enjoy the game you can be sure that your diet is not being dramatically affected. You don’t have to be perfect but the more aware you are, the better off you will be.

Dr. Nima Patel

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