Swimmers Beware!

Swimming is one of the few sports which use almost all of the muscles in the body. When training, it is vital to stretch before exercising as it is easy for the muscles to get fatigued. With the overuse fatigue, injuries occur. Demonstrating proper swimming techniques, such as flexibility within the stroke and proper breathing, decreases an athletes chance of getting hurt.

The most common injury among swimmers includes shoulder injuries as that muscle is most often used. Overuse of the muscle may affect the rotator cuff by putting pressure and causing tension. Another common injury includes the lower body; the hips and the legs. During a breaststroke, the knees and hips often experience pain as the intense kicks put tension on the knees. Having an elevated back also has an effect, as the strain on the lower back can evolve to an injury.

Injuries can be prevented by thoroughly stretching prior to swimming. Also, practicing good stroke techniques as well as consistent breathing will further decrease injuries. Along with those techniques, it is important to strengthen the muscles that are being used through consistent training and rehabilitation. What are your thoughts on preventing swimming injuries?

Dr. Nima Patel

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