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Tips on Posture in Your New Workspace

Work from home with better posture

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s lives.

Healthcare professionals and staff are working tirelessly to maintain our safety. Essential business employees are keeping us fed, stocked with supplies and helping to keep our country functioning. 

Non essential business owners and employees are working from home and spending countless hours in front of the computer. 

Let’s face it, “humans are not meant to sit at the desk and stare at computer screens all day.”

We often neglect our body and our needs. Then, we notice aches. The back, legs and neck are all common spots. Pain affects our work and quality of life. 



These small changes will help to make your work day at home more manageable. Traveling to work, walking to lunch or visiting another office are small ways our movement has changed, making us less active during workday hours. Taking care of your body is so important for your health.

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