When is Physical Therapy indicated for YOU?

Are you taking advantage of the beautiful weather this season?Have you drastically increased outdoor exercising and activities?Has this caused an increase in neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and/or knee pain?Is the pain interfering with your quality of life?

Physical Therapy can help!

But first, let’s determine whether or not Physical Therapy is indicated for the type of pain you are experiencing! Pain is OKAY if all the following statements apply to YOU!

1) The pain GOES AWAY within 24-72 hours.

2) The pain does NOT hinder your sleep.

3) Pain does NOT interfere with your functional goals.

4) Pain does NOT affect your quality of life.

5) The pain is NOT accompanied with numbness and tingling.

If you are experiencing long-term pain in the same region, such as the shoulder, hip, back, wrist or hands, Physical Therapy can help!If you are experiencing any numbness or tingling, Physical Therapy can help!If you are experiencing pain that is interfering with your functional goals, Physical Therapy can help!

Physical Therapists are movement specialists who are experts in treating, managing and preventing injuries. They provide education on the type and prognosis of the injury as well as strategies by which to achieve LONG-TERM benefits.

Meghna Jain, SPT

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