Our Team

Dr. Nima Patel is a licensed Physical Therapist in New Jersey, has over 18 years of clinical experience in orthopedics, sports medicine, outpatient rehabilitation along with expertise in performance enhancement and injury prevention. 

Nima works with patients of all ages and across all activity levels from highly sedentary people, to ultra active populations, and her expertise includes treating gold medal winning Olympic athletes, royal family members from across the globe.

Nima is a graduate of University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, where she also did her post-graduate training to receive a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

In addition to seeing patients, Nima truly enjoys volunteering her time and giving back to her local community.


She’s chairperson for the Mayor’s Health and Wellness Council of Old Bridge and policy chairperson of the Middlesex County Health and Wellness Council.

Dr. Janel Jones, PT, DPT received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Temple University. She is a graduate of University of the Sciences in Philadelphia where she received her training and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Master’s of Physical Therapy.

Janel has practiced in the orthopedic, pediatric and rehabilitation settings at a number of facilities from the east coast to the Midwest. She has held licenses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Iowa, Missouri and New York. Her current physical therapy license is in the state of New Jersey.

As a lifelong runner and exercise enthusiast, Janel admits to being stubborn when pain and injury get in the way.

As a mother of three, she has also experienced the need for convenient care for busy mothers needing post partum recovery and rehabilitation.