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Injury Prevention Specialists

Every year, millions of Americans injure themselves. The injury may be minor or life-threatening and may result from an accidental fall at work or a heavy tackle during a sports event. Strength, balance, and muscle conditioning could prevent injuries, however. The practitioners at Apex Wellness offer a telehealth injury prevention program to provide the tools you need to optimize your health. Whether for work or sport, Apex Wellness can help. Call or book online today to learn more about injury prevention.

Injury Prevention Q&A

What is injury prevention?

Any damage to your body caused by an accident, fall, or weapon is an injury. An injury can occur at any time and cause varying degrees of body damage.

Injury prevention at Apex Wellness provides you with the tools you need to reduce your risk of body damage and injury.

Who benefits from injury prevention?

Everyone benefits from injury prevention. As noted, injuries can occur at any time and during any activity. Preparing yourself and your body may prevent harm or reduce the severity of the damage.

Though injury prevention benefits everyone, you may want to contact Apex Wellness to learn more about the program if you:

  • Participate in organized sports

  • Are recovering from an injury

  • Have a job that requires heavy lifting

Older adults also benefit from injury prevention. This is due to changes in muscle strength and tone, as well as balance, leaving these people at greater risk of falls and injuries.

The injury prevention program at Apex Wellness includes exercises specific to your age and fitness level that improve strength, coordination, and balance so you can decrease the chance of falls.

What can I expect during an injury prevention consultation?

Your injury prevention consultation is conducted through telehealth technology. During your initial evaluation, Dr. Jones or Dr. Patel asks detailed questions about your health and health concerns.

They also review your medical and family histories, usual exercise habits, diet, and the types of medications and supplements you take. To better understand your overall health and wellness, your doctor may request your weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.

What are injury prevention treatments?

Dr. Patel and Dr. Jones develop customized injury prevention programs using evidence-based techniques to help you reach your goals. They incorporate a multiple body systems approach to optimize health and wellness.

Your injury prevention treatment plan may include:

  • Cardiovascular exercise program

  • Strength training program

  • Ergonomic recommendations

  • Sport-specific training

  • Nutrition education

  • Balance Training

You can expect regular telehealth follow-up visits with Dr. Patel or Dr. Jones so they can monitor you and adjust your plan as needed. They design your injury prevention treatment plan so you reach your goals quickly, which means fewer overall visits.

Apex Wellness may also talk to you about how to recognize risks in your surroundings to prevent unnecessary injuries.

To learn more about injury prevention, contact Apex Wellness by phone or book an appointment online today.

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