Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management Specialists

Your lifestyle plays a prominent role in your health. What you eat and how you manage stress may improve or worsen your health. The practitioners at Apex Wellness offer lifestyle management services to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes that optimize overall wellness and well-being, including smoking cessation. Call the office or book an appointment online to schedule your lifestyle management telehealth appointment today.

Lifestyle Management Q&A

What is lifestyle management?

Lifestyle management is a wellness program offered at Apex Wellness. The program provides you with the education, support, and tools you need to create healthy habits that optimize overall health.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Patel understand how difficult it is to change habits or even find the time to visit your health care provider for advice. Apex Wellness provides immediate care using telehealth technology. Because there’s no in-office clinic visit, you save time and money.

What can I expect during a lifestyle management consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation from Dr. Jones or Dr. Patel during your initial lifestyle management consultation. They ask detailed questions so they can fully understand your current health needs, family medical history, and risk factors.

During your consultation, they review your:

  • Personal medical history

  • Family medical history

  • Current medication and supplement use

  • Usual diet

  • Typical day’s activities

  • Occupation

  • Sleep habits

They also inquire about your daily stresses and the tools you use to cope, such as alcohol, smoking, or food. Dr. Patel and Dr. Jones find that many people stress-eat to cope, which may lead to weight gain and a risk of developing other chronic health issues.

What are lifestyle management treatments?

Dr. Patel and Dr. Jones create personalized lifestyle management programs based on your risk factors, family history, and current health needs and goals.

Your lifestyle management program may include:

  • Nutrition education

  • Exercise guidance

  • Stress management

  • Lifestyle modification

  • Weight management

  • Disease prevention

  • Smoking cessation

  • Injury prevention

Changing habits takes time, and Dr. Patel and Dr. Jones work closely with you to help you make the necessary changes that help you reach your goals quickly.

Their lifestyle management program includes specialized tools and therapies to help those struggling with stress-eating to develop healthier nutrition habits.

What is the smoking cessation program?

Dr. Jones and Dr. Patel create custom smoking cessation programs that take into consideration your lifestyle habits, risk factors, and current health. Your smoking cessation program may include:

  • Nicotine replacement suggestions

  • Behavior modification

  • Stress management

  • Nutrition education

  • Exercise guidance

With telehealth, Dr. Jones and Dr. Patel provide ongoing support to help you through cravings and situations that may trigger your desire to smoke.

​​​​​​​Whether you’re struggling to quit smoking or need guidance implementing healthy habits, Apex Wellness can help. Call or book online today.

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