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Staying active in sports is a great way to stay physically fit. If any injury has knocked you out of the game, you can find help at Apex Wellness. The practitioners offer customized treatment plans that focus on relieving pain and restoring your function. The team also provides sports training resources online to prevent additional injuries and enhance your performance in your chosen sport. To schedule a consultation with the Apex Wellness team, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Sports Movement Analysis Q&A

What is sport movement analysis?

Sport movement analysis is an area of health care that focuses on treating and preventing injuries from all types of sports, such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, etc.

Dr. Jones and Dr. Patel offer comprehensive sports medicine services virtually to address the needs of athletes at all levels. They can recommend therapeutic exercises and other techniques to help your body heal naturally and reduce your risk factors for additional injuries.

What are common sports injuries?

The most common sports injuries that the doctors treat with their physical therapy and wellness programs include:

Shoulder injuries
Shoulder injuries are a common type of sports injury that occurs due to direct trauma to the joint or from overuse of the muscles that support the joint. Common shoulder injuries include dislocations, muscle strains, and ligaments sprains.

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow, also known as golfer’s elbow, is an overuse injury that develops from constant gripping motions. These repetitive actions cause inflammation in the tendons of your forearm and can make hand and wrist movements difficult and painful.


Sciatica describes back pain that results when you put pressure on the sciatic nerve, the large nerve that travels from your low back down into your hips, legs, and feet. This nerve pressure may be the result of a herniated spinal disc or chronic inflammation and can lead to pain, numbness, and tingling sensations in areas around the sciatic nerve.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Sudden movements and abrupt stops can damage the ACL in your knee. This painful condition can make it difficult to walk and lead to recurrent knee instability.

How does physical therapy treat sports injuries?

Physical therapy for sports injuries increases blood circulation to promote healing in your soft tissues. Stretching and strengthening exercises also increase muscle health to better support your joints and alleviate chronic inflammation and pain.

As you progress through your physical therapy, the doctors can provide you with personalized sport-specific training resources to reduce your risk for further injury.

They work with you virtually on strategies to improve your overall sports performance and protect your musculoskeletal system from additional overuse or traumatic injuries.

To get back to the sport you love after an injury, contact Apex Wellness online or by phone to learn more about available sports medicine services.

*Physical therapy services are provided and determined by state and practitioner. Services are determined upon screening.

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