Sport Injuries


For sports injury and/or sports surgery, our licensed and experienced physical therapists employ sport specific training & rehabilitation goals that are geared toward: Pain relief, full range of motion, strengthening, endurance training, restoring function, and prevention of future injuries.

Balance and Sports

Balance is very important part of keeping your body upright, moving fluidly in space and maintaining muscle balance. There are small receptors in each of your joints that help you to control your body’s movement in space. If these receptors are compromised, your balance can be negatively affected.

A sports injury can affect how you balance in the small or large ways. A sprain, a weak muscle, swelling and surgery can affect how your muscles firing and/or how your joints tell where your body is moving. If you have an injury, it is very important to have you balance checked by your physical therapist.

Balance problems can occur with any diagnosis. The following sports require balance:

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